Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle
It has been a long time since I wrote a post about our Elegance of Great Britain trip.  I want to write about all of the places we visited, but feel like I am running out of time. We will be headed to Alaska, New Mexico, and other parts of Europe in June and July.  I need to finish writing about this trip so that I have time write about the others...and this time I WON'T get behind!  The reason I got behind was because I took part in the March Slice of Life Challenge where I wrote a post a day on my blog  Family Trove.  So most of the following posts will be more of an outline of our travels in the UK.

After my adventures in Avebury, dodging the sheep manure and taking part in the fracking protest, we drove through the Cotswold hills to Sudeley Castle.  I have always had an interest in British Royalty...and this castle is packed with history.  It was the home and burial place of Katherine Parr (the sixth and last wife of Henry VIII...she outlived him).  This is the only private castle in England to have a queen buried within its grounds.  The gardens were magnificent...it seems that everyplace we visit has amazing gardens.  Here are some pictures of Sudeley Castle.

Here aresome of the gardens at Sudeley Castle.  I think it looks like I am walking through two big gumdrops.

This is the chapel where Katherine Parr is buried
Here are a couple of videos of gardens at Sudeley Castle. 
Walking through the Hedges
This sculpture is called Brontosaurus, by Alexander Calder.  It reminded us of a sculpture in front of the Toledo Museum of Art.  Through the wonders of  Google and an iPhone, we found that it was the same man.  The sculpture in front of the museum is called Stegosaurus. 
Brontosaurus by Alexander Calder

Stegosaurus, by Alexander Calder:
 picture by Brooklynn, Home Sweet Home on Pinterest 
Not only is this castle full of British Royal history, it was also discovered that two Roman villas were here two centuries ago.  Here is information on that, plus a picture of the mosaic that was restored.
We left Sudeley Castle feeling that we could have spent the whole day exploring, but knew the bus awaited and we were NOT going to be late.  Our next stop is Stratford, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.


  1. I love visiting places through others' eyes! I am always amazed by the gardens that surround estates. What a lot to maintain, but I'm glad they do. Interesting that you discovered it was the same sculptor for both. They are very similar. I would think the Brontosaurus looked out of place at the caste

  2. These are amazing pictures. Just think what it would be like if those shrubs really were gum drops. Lots of good eating.

    I know that if my wife looked at the tile, she would see a quilt top. She has actually taken picture of tiles in places we visited just for inspiration.

    Sounds like you have some exciting trips planned. Enjoy. I look forward to reading about them. -B

    Sounds like you have some exciting trips planned. Enjo

  3. Hope this doesn't appear twice. I must have hit the wrong button and things disappeared.

    I love the pictures. Just imagine if those shrubs were gum drops. lots of good eating...especially if they were cherry.

    Sounds like you have some exciting trips planned. Enjoy. I look forward to reading about them. -B


  4. Love the pictures. Just think of all the good eating if those shrubs were actually gum drops...especially cherry.

    Sounds like you have some interesting trips planned. I look forward to reading about them.