Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Cy looking out our deck at Ketchikan.
Well, it has been two weeks since I have written anything about our Alaska cruise.  Long story...Ray got sick during the cruise but did manage to go on all of the excursions and get some good pictures.  I stayed well until the last day.  I will write about that last day later....what a nightmare...but now, I can look back and smile...maybe later I will find more humor in it.  For now, I will try to catch up on our cruise. 
We left Vancouver and had a day at sea on our way to Ketchikan.  The seas were rough and lots of people were not feeling well.  For me, the rolling is peaceful...especially at night...gently rocking to sleep. I am sure most people welcomed the quiet water as we sailed and docked at Ketchikan.  We had signed up for the "Everybody Duck" excursion...an amphibious vehicle that would tour through the streets and then drive into the water for a tour along the shore.  We got there late and were at the tail end of the line.  Somehow the excursion was overbooked so there was no room for us.  We were told we could take the one three hours later.  No big deal...we spent the time walking through the streets and getting a flavor and history of Ketchikan.


This was the Duck we were going to ride through the town and in the water.
One of the Totem Poles in Ketchikan that we saw while walking around town.

Dolly's House of Ill Repute :-)
Docks at Ketchikan

Another picture of Dolly's House.
Another Duck we saw while in the water.
This eagle had caught some sort of marine life.

This eagle wanted to fly along with us.

 We left Ketchikan after a pleasant day of seeing wildlife and learning a bit of history, too.  Now we head to Juneau where I hoped to see some whales on our whale watch excursion.

On our way to Juneau....the mist on the mountains was stunning.

Waterfalls and mountain streams.



  1. Your photos are stunning! Waterfalls and mountain streams along with eagles. Hopefully there will be more posts about your trip!

  2. A gorgeous photo essay. Can't believe that eagle wanted to stay so close!

  3. So sorry to learn you were sick! These photos are amazing! I love the eagle pictures. I will be looking forward to the next installment of this trip. We are hoping to go to Alaska next summer.

  4. This is one of the fun parts of this writing community...going along on journeys to far way, interesting places. Loved your pictures. Sorry the trip included being sick. Glad that part is behind you.

  5. Welcome back. Sorry that both you and Ray got sick on your trip. These pictures are something else. As good as they are I am sure that being there and seeing these things was awesome. Look forward to hearing more and seeing more pictures.

  6. What a trip!!! It's so cool to see what you saw in Ketchikan. We missed several of the things you've shown here. Two cameras and two couples are better than one, right??

    So glad you're feeling well enough to do some of the things you want.